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Airbnb and Holiday Home Management in Auckland

Professional Airbnb Managers in Auckland


If you have a property that you offer for short term rental, we are the expert team you are looking for. At The Stay Hub, we offer comprehensive Airbnb, holiday home, and short-term rental management services in Auckland. 


From optimising your listings on booking platforms to implementing a marketing strategy to ensuring your property is well cleaned before the arrival of each new guest, we take the hassle out of owning a short-term rental property.


We manage all types of properties, and we'll tailor our services according to your requirements. Each member of our team is experienced, and we are passionate about delivering the best possible experience for you as the owner and the guests that stay in your property.


Complete the form below to find out how much your property should be making as a short-term rental or call us to speak to one of our Airbnb property managers in Auckland.


  • Airbnb,,Expedia,Trip Advisor等網站上的列表-每月有超過2億遊客

  • 與定期向我們預訂的地方和國家旅行與接待機構的合作夥伴關係

  • 搜索引擎和列表優化功能,使您的媒體資源在每個在線預訂平台上均處於搜索排行榜首位

  • 社交媒體營銷,讓您的財產更加引人注目

  • 激烈的競爭對手分析和以數據為依據的定價策略,以推動更多的預訂和收入

What we do



Complete the form on this page and we will send you an expert, data-based appraisal on the rates you can expect to receive for your Auckland property. You can also call us to speak to a member of our team.